At Kongde, we don't just utilize stamping technology; we master it. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and precision has propelled us to the forefront of the industry.


Unrivaled Stamping Expertise


Unmatched Material Versatility


Our raw material inventory encompasses thicknesses from 0.04mm to 4mm, enabling us to meet diverse industry requirements with flexibility and precision in manufacturing components to specific dimensions.

Precision Perfected, Consistently Delivered

Precision is our hallmark, with tolerances up to ±0.01 mm. Our commitment to exacting standards ensures that each component leaving our facility meets the most stringent quality standards, guaranteeing consistent excellence.

High Productivity:

Advanced Stamping Infrastructure


With 80 stamping presses ranging from 35 to 200 tons, we boast the versatility and capacity to handle diverse projects. Our high-speed stamping capabilities, reaching up to 2400 SPM (strokes per minute), enable swift and efficient production without compromising quality.

Pre-production Services


Our pre-production services, including plating and slitting, provide a solid foundation for success, preparing your components for their next steps with meticulous attention to detail.

Post-production Excellence


The process extends beyond stamping. Our post-production offerings, such as de-burring, plating, passivation, welding, and assembly, guarantee that your components adhere to the highest quality standards.

Comprehensive Support Services:


Our stamping services have been applied but not limited to the following industries:



We specialize in swiftly transforming concepts into tangible prototypes. Our agile approach and cutting-edge technology enable us to create precise prototypes that meet your design specifications. From initial concept validation to refining for production, count on us for rapid and accurate prototyping services.



Our proficiency in press-fit stamping techniques ensures the seamless assembly of components. Through precision tooling and meticulous processes, we achieve impeccable press fit connections, guaranteeing the structural integrity and functionality of your assemblies.

Deep Drawing


With an intricate understanding of deep drawing, we excel in crafting complex shapes and contours from sheet metal. Our mastery in this technique allows us to produce high-quality, components with varying depths and thickness, meeting diverse industrial requirements.

Progressive stamping


Progressive stamping demands expertise and precision, and we deliver both. Our state-of-the-art progressive stamping capabilities enable high-volume production of intricate parts with consistent quality. From small components to complex assemblies, our proficiency in progressive stamping is unmatched.

Adaptable& Customized Solutions



Our stamping technology is adaptable to customize products according to your exact specifications. We collaborate closely with clients to bring their visions to life with precision and efficiency. From simple to highly intricate designs, our expertise in stamping technology allows us to handle diverse requirements with ease. Whether it's high-volume production or prototype, intricate, specialized components, we rise to the challenge.​​​​​​​

Quality Beyond Measure


Ensuring top-tier quality stands as our foremost commitment. Our stringent quality control system ensures the pinnacle of product excellence and customer contentment. Recognizing the pivotal role quality plays in your project's success, we consistently invest in our personnel, methodologies, and technological advancements, upholding our stature as frontrunners in the stamping industry.