KongDe specializes in the production of precision molds, catering to a wide range of industries including automotive, medical devices, instrumentation casings, home appliances, and LED lighting. We have fostered strong partnerships with our clients by ensuring a deep understanding of their requirements. Our portfolio includes a variety of molds designed for both small-scale prototyping and large-scale production. Furthermore, our proficiency encompasses advanced molding solutions such as two-color, insert, and hot runner molds, alongside molds adhering to the German HASCO and American DME standards..


Injection Molding:


Unleash the potential of your designs with our precision injection molding. From the simplest to the most intricate designs, we turn your concepts into reality with unmatched accuracy.



Enhance your product design with our expert insert molding and over-molding services. Our experienced team excels in skillfully combining various materials and components to achieve superior integration.

Versatile Material Solutions:


Discover unparalleled flexibility with our injection molding services. We excel in manufacturing components from a comprehensive selection of materials, such as PC, PC/ABS, PBT, PPS, LCP, PE, Nylon, and PEEK. This variety ensures you can find the ideal material tailored to the specific needs of your project.

High Precision:


Our injection molding services are defined by an unwavering commitment to precision, delivering components with accuracy levels of up to +/- 0.01mm.

Versatility in Cavities:


From the simplest to the most complex, we offer a range of cavity options tailored to your project's unique requirements. Our capabilities span from single-cavity molds to intricate designs with up to 32 cavities, providing the versatility you need for your projects.

Molding Machines That Define Precision:


Types of Machines:

Harnessing the power of hydraulic technology, our machines deliver robust and reliable molding solutions.

Full-electric (High-Speed):
Experience the speed and precision of our full-electric machines, designed to meet the demands of high-speed molding with utmost accuracy.

Injection Presses:
Tonnage Mastery:
Our injection presses range from 15 to 130 tons, providing the flexibility needed for a diverse range of projects.

Horizontal and Vertical Capabilities:
Whether your design demands a horizontal or vertical approach, we've got the versatility to bring your vision to life.

Elevate Your Product with Our Post-Production Expertise:


Explore the added value KongDe offers with our comprehensive post-production services, extending beyond manufacturing to guarantee your components meet the highest standards.

Our Post-Production Services Include:


Transform the appearance and durability of your components with our precision plating services. From aesthetic finishes to enhanced corrosion resistance, we've got you covered.

Give your products an extra layer of protection and functionality. Our advanced coating solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your applications.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition)
Experience cutting-edge technology with our PVD services. Achieve superior surface characteristics and improved performance for your components.

Add branding, instructions, and other essential information with our precise printing services. We offer customizable printing solutions for a polished final product.

Ultrasonic Welding
Ensure the integrity of your assemblies with our ultrasonic welding expertise. Our skilled team guarantees seamless bonds for lasting durability.

Simplify your supply chain with our subassembly services. We seamlessly integrate components, streamlining your production process.

Quality assurance is our priority. Rely on our testing services to ensure that your components meet or exceed industry standards before they reach your customers.
Unlock the full potential of your components with KongDe's end-to-end post-production excellence.
Our injection molding services have been applied but not limited to the following industries.