At KongDe, we redefine cost competitiveness, making premium quality products accessible without compromise. Here's why choosing us is a smart investment:


Optical Projection Grinder


Precision Perfected: Attain precision and roughness levels within +/- 0.001 mm, Ra. 0.020, setting new standards for excellence.

Wire Cutting


High level Accuracy: With processing accuracy at 0.001mm, surface thickness at Ra0.10, and the ability to handle the smallest details, we redefine precision.

 Micro Machining Expertise: Craft intricate features with a minimum R angle of 0.02mm and handle machining holes as small as φ0.05mm.

Surface Grinders


Elevate surface precision with our cutting-edge machines, ensuring your components meet the highest standards.

  • From crafting intricate injection molds to metal stamping tools and precision spare parts, we offer a diverse range of solutions.

  • Our expertise extends to producing high-quality spare parts for various applications, including injection molds, stamping dies, jigs, and special components.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure:


Immerse yourself in a world of innovation. Our advanced machinery spans molding, stamping, deep drawing, machining, turning, and more. With high-level infrastructure, we ensure precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in every production process.